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Title: Shorty is here :D
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Big Grin 
Hey Staff and Community,

Name: Shorty / Sascha
Age: 35
Location: North of Germany

I played 4/5 years offi vindictus, than with the server merge i lost all my data.
Yeah maybe it was my fault but why do not transfer all data (i now its for cleaning the database from dead accounts)
So i left offi and never played again since NOW Smile
Im f*cking happy that i found this server and i hope we growing up alot<3

Any answers about the other 3 Classes, maybe when they come?
I only wanna be a bit informed Smile an answer like: "maybe next year" thats fine i dont need a date like "03.05.2020".
Because i know how hard it is with a server, take ur time for all Big Grin

That was my little story xD any questions? Write a pm or ingame: Shani or Shorty

Lets have some fun Wink
New classes and weapons for existing from current point of development? Basically never

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