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Title: Unable To Open Mail
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So I've had that message icon on the bottom right of the screen for hours. Every time I click on it to view the mail, I'm greeted with the following message:

"Unread mail: 6

Only the 36 most recent mail items will be displayed. To view older mail. delete mail you've read."

and after pressing "OK" Nothing opens. I can't access my mail. I like to keep a clean UI without leaving any stone unturned or any "NEW" icons.

Is this bug known? Is there a way to bypass this at all??
I've never heard of this before, when did it start happening?
Ever since I started playing Windictus. So...months ago. I've been playing off and on. I tried to ignore it but i'm not sure if theirs any valuable items in the mail being rewarded. I never reported it because I thought it was unfixable after a good amount of updates.
What IGN is this happening on?

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