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Title: Unable To Open Mail
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So I've had that message icon on the bottom right of the screen for hours. Every time I click on it to view the mail, I'm greeted with the following message:

"Unread mail: 6

Only the 36 most recent mail items will be displayed. To view older mail. delete mail you've read."

and after pressing "OK" Nothing opens. I can't access my mail. I like to keep a clean UI without leaving any stone unturned or any "NEW" icons.

Is this bug known? Is there a way to bypass this at all??
I've never heard of this before, when did it start happening?
Ever since I started playing Windictus. So...months ago. I've been playing off and on. I tried to ignore it but i'm not sure if theirs any valuable items in the mail being rewarded. I never reported it because I thought it was unfixable after a good amount of updates.
What IGN is this happening on?
You need to go to the mail location, not just click the icon. The UI icon only tells you how many mails you have unread. There is a mailbox near the spawn or on the boat just before you go to a mission.

(11-25-2019, 03:22 PM)Gift Wrote: What IGN is this happening on?

he's talking about the mail icon in the UI, not the actual mailbox.

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