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Title: Account got wiped?
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I think my account got wiped or something.. Yesterday i played and i got an Evie to level 74 if i remember correctly, and today when i log into my account i see it places my into the character creation room and asks me to create a 2nd password?? What the hell happened here, can someone help me please? Huh Huh Huh
I am sure i used the same id and pass i have on the forum, i have no idea which number, sign or letter i wrote wrong. I got a single character named Deryi (i donated yesterday)... and i made a new character on what i thought was the correct account, to check if it was, cus i thought it might be just a bug, but it isn't. How can this be solved??
The username is case sensitive

Keep that in mind. If you've donated DM Heaven / Gift on discord with a proof of your donation and he will gladly tell you your username.

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