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Title: Crowii enters the battle!
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Hey! Nice to meet you all!
I'm Crowii and Im about to bomb all my information on you so grab your popcorn, crack open a can of Monster and prepare yourselves.

About me:
Hey, my name is Luke, you guys can call me Crowii, Im 24 turning 25 this December and Im from England.
Ive been playing games ever since I can remember, in fact my earlier memory as a child was sitting in my older sister's lap while she played Altered Beast on the Sega Genesis.
Ive always been infatuated with games and loved the crazy worlds and stories they brought me. My favourite franchise to date is Resident Evil, tied only with the Yakuza series. Im currently looking forward to Death Stranding which Ive preordered a limited edition PS4 Pro for and Im hella hyped to play Amazon Delivery man: the game.
I live in one of England's coastal cities and enjoy watching the boats that come in, occasionally we get some navy ships and those are pretty sweet, other than that, I enjoy camping, motorcycles, investing and socialising/meeting new people and making new friends.

Vindictus Career:
I started playing Vindictus in 2010, I was in highschool at the time going through a "Free MMORPG" game grind as you do when youre young and without money, typically with most RPG games I get bored with the whole "Slap your enemy and take turns slapping until one of you die" type of thing, however when I played Vindictus I fell in love.
I remember playing the first battle mission after the little spider tutorial and grabbing a gnoll, only to smash the dude against a wall and brutally dragon stomp him.  I loved it.  An RPG where you have to dodge? Block? Counter? Holy shit, sign me up!
I have many fond memories of Vindi, [url=https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ltoht3uJGwA]including some cringe
 and some mega cringe. Eventually with the introduction of Season 3 I quit Vindictus because I never got a single fucking season 2 drop and I was so far behind everybody else I honestly raged so hard you guys the salt carried for years I swear.
Occasionally Id pop back a little to check out the new characters, but this week with the introduction of Belle in EU I decided to give it a real go again for the first time in years. 
And what. Do. I. Find.
The game gives you the option to fast-talk through all the quests? The game gives you armour sets every 10/20 levels? You can hit the level cap in a fucking day? 
Back when I played Vindictus the community was booming, people would be teaming up for even little quests and having a blast, I was honestly depressed to go from slapping Marrec in the Colhen Barracks all the way up to the Season 3 raids without encountering another single player until I was officially "End game", that killed it for me hell quick.
I was posting on r/vindictus having a moan about how they massacred my boy when I came across a post spotlighting Windictus.
My dudes I didnt even know private servers were a thing, but shit, yall removed the P2W shit and gave people free cosmetics which is cool, but the catch for me? The game is back to when it actually was a game and not a "hold ctrl and then when in game hold W and spam right click" simulator.

The Future:
For now it seems Ill be sticking here where the game feels fun, this game is such a big community thing to me so I really hope I can come across many of you guys and have a few games, join a guild, chat shit and make some real friends.
I dont like being "the random who signs up and never talks" I enjoy being actively apart of something.

That said Ive gave you a quick run down who I be, if you have any questions about me Im an open book; I encourage the conversation!

Take care my dudes, love you

Hey! Nice to meet you! If you're ever on when I am, you can message me on discord! JordanOftheAirElements #7797. I'm always up for raids, missions, grinding, whatever!

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