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Title: Yuria100's Staff Evie DPS Rotation
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Disclaimer: I take no credit for this guide. All credit goes to Yuria100 from NA.

First if you are new to Staff Evie, watch this video for an introduction to Staff mechanics.
Also read NitroLux's guide too, it goes together with this one.

This DPS rotation is good in party play. When doing solo play or doing neamhain, i recommend doing NitroLux's rotation. 

Starting castsave setup:
1) lvl3 Fire; lvl3 lightening; lvl3 ice (copied from Anju starting setup)
2)lvl3 Fire; lvl3 lightening; lvl2 Fire (another setup i used depending on how i feel at the time, uselly go with this one nowa days)

Greater Wolf Paw for maximum dps. This increase cast animation speed, thus quicker recovery time and also quicker animation cancel timing aswell.

Startup rotation:
Since I'm using paw I won't have sp to cast continue focus (CF).
Luckily, casting lvl 3 fire + lvl 3 lightening gives enough sp for CF. 
(I think casting lvl 2 fire + lvl3 lightening will also give enough sp but I don't use that method)

1) with cast save setup 1: lvl3 fire>lvl3 lightening>lvl3 ice>CF>lvl3 fire cast save> guideline rotation
2) with cast save setup 2: lvl3 fire>lvl3 lightening>lvl2 fire>CF>lvl 2 ice> guideline rotation

Guideline Rotation:
lvl3 Fire>CF>lvl3 lightening >lvl2 fire> lvl 1 fire 
(Replace lvl 3 fire or lvl 3 lightening with lvl 3 ice if any of those skills are on cooldown)

Since this is a guideline rotation, depending on situation or if I have wolf paw active, I may replace some skills for others.

But overall, with wolf paw active, I'll have all lvl2 spells on cd and lvl 1 fire skill on cd as well before having to start from the beginning of the rotation.
Without Wolfpaw active, I will have all guide line rotation spells on cd and maybe fit a lvl 1 or lvl2 lightning or lvl 2 ice in the mix.

One small thing I make sure to do is to use lvl 3 lightning with one lightning buff active. 
The only exception is during the starting rotation.

Another thing I do is to cast Rage Conductor/Raze when there forced down time from bosses. 
Like when Lugh does his mechanic as an example. 
Other then that, the time wasted casting Raze decreases your overall dps during battle.

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