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Title: NitroLux's Staff Evie Guide
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Disclaimer: I take no credit for this guide. All credit goes to NitroLux from EU.

Damage explained for Staff Evies
Author: NitroLux
Server: EU

How to maximize DPS?
It depends on many factors like your attack speed, the boss you’re fighting, if you’re solo or with party, what artifact you posses etc, so let’s get an overview of Evie’s kit first.

Evie’s damage sources
“If you know the enemy and know yourself, you need not fear the result of a hundred battles” - Sun Tzu
This is not an introduction to Evie so i’ll skip the description of each ability, we will go over only on those abilities that matters in our quest to maximize dps. If needed, i’ll make another file with the description of staff Evie in general and her abilities.
This is a list of the spells you're going to use ordered from top damage to the least damaging:
1) raze
2) fire shock
3) guided lightning
4) fire storm
5) lightning wave (if you hit all the particles)
6) ice spear
7) firebolt
8) lightning bolt
9) ice blow
10) ice blast
11) mana mine
12) magic arrow

Be careful because damage is not everything. Sometimes you may choose a spell compared to another because it has more range or because it’s faster to cast.

On top of your spells, you also have to remember about your fire mastery!
Basically every fire spell will increase the damage of the next. At the third fire spell the counter will be reset and you will apply a DoT to the first enemy hit by the spell.

So far so easy right? not so fast, complicated thing are just ahead of us, so let’s tackle them step by step.
Let's start with theoretical DPS first, later on we'll try to apply that to real bosses.

Theoretical DPS
If you’re in a party, going straight for raze is a good idea, for many reasons. It has high damage, it will fill about 350-400 sp and the sooner it goes on cooldown, the sooner it will be available again.

After that our next focus is to maximize the damage we get from fire mastery, and that would be: firebolt fire storm fire shock. This because the damage increases with fire mastery stacks, so the last spell gets amplifies the most.

What comes after really depends on your attack speed. After this rotation all your fire spells will be on cooldown, so check the previous mentioned list and start casting the most damaging available spell that is not on cooldown. When the fire spells come off cooldown, you can repeat the previous steps.

Also, DPS is defined as the ratio of damage over time, so we'll have to maximise our damage (choosing the right spell to cast) and minimize combo time.

That's where Continual Focus (CF) and Flying Sparrow (FS) comes in handy.
If your intent is DPSing, you should always use CF for lvl 4 spells, because it saves most time. But don't use the second spell right away, use CF to re-save an other lvl 4 spell, so you won't have to load it on the next spell rotation.

Depending on you attack speed, it might be faster you use sparrow to start on lvl 2 focus or just to avoid activating continual focus when not intended.
If you have around 80 attack speed this would be your best spell rotation starting from no saved spells.
  1. Cast continual focus (the sooner the better, so it will come off cooldown sooner)
  2. firebolt
  3. fire storm
  4. fire shock and save cast
  5. guided lightning
  6. cast continual focus
  7. firebolt
  8. lightning wave (because at this point fire storm is still on cooldown)
  9. fire storm
  10. guided lightning
  11. fire shock from quick slot and re-save it
  12. continual focus
  13. ice spear
  14. and repeat
Real case scenario
Now that we have the basics covered, we need to apply that to a real boss... one that moves and attacks.
The key concept is the same. Maximise damage, minimize "wasted" time.
The two most common ways to waste time are:
  1. missing your spells
  2. getting hit by the boss.
1) You have to know which spell is going to hit the boss, even BEFORE casting them. For example, firebolt has a "long" cast time and medium travel speed. It's probably going to miss if you use it against an enemy that is jumping/running away from you. In that example it's better to cast other long range spells (like ice spear) or if the boss is too fast, save your spell and get back close to the enemy before attacking again.

Many bosses can also disappear, so make sure you cast you most damaging spells only when you’re sure to hit, usually after a boss attack. If you cast the spell when the boss is running there is a chance his next attack will make him invulnerable for a second, making you prone to missing the shot.

2) Wasting time on recovery animations is bad.
Depending on the attack, it might be better to dodge with sparrow, so you can start casting your next spell right away. some other times it's just better to amber and wait for another opportunity.

Remember one thing though, amber has a minimum "shield" time of 1 second, you can cancel amber sooner only if it's perfect amber (using amber a split second before getting hit) so you should really practice doing only perfect ambers and cancel them as soon as the attacks are over. Remember, we have to avoid wasted idle time right? one second is a LOT.

Last very important thing, use saved spells as soon as possible. you never know when the boss is going to disappear or going in some invulnerable animation.
Use that time to save up more spells that you can unload on the boss soon after.
Don't be the Evie that uses the /dance animation while Lakiora climbs the rock tower to spit acid at you. Save spells and make her regret that later.

So yea, i guess you guessed it by now, you have to learn every boss pattern to exploit it and decide what's the best thing to do for every possible attack that is coming. 
Keep in mind you can also be creative, like using mana mines on bosses that come running at you, or charging focus while running around bosses with VERY slow attacks (season 1).

If you used 4sec CD reduction as CF awakening, lvl 4 spells will come off cooldown in the same time as CF if used together... but if you used 5s instead, CF will be ready 1 sec earlier. To maximize efficiency, it's best to save both Fire shock and guided lightning, and use continual focus on the one that is not on cooldown.

Final notes
This is the recipe to make the most out of your stats, but to actually do meaningful damage, go out, get a job, cash in and get a +16 or +17... with that all the previous won't matter, just pew pew pew and the boss will lie down dead before the battle even starts. no skill, top damage dealt, easy peasy.

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