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Title: [10/22] Patch Notes
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Greetings mercenaries!

I have a lot to share with you regarding today's update and I hope you'll be as excited to play as I was developing it. I am pleased to announce a new Windictus exclusive game mode today that I call Boss Party Quest (or BPQ for short). In Easy BPQ (EBPQ) you will face a challenging train of Season 1 bosses, one after another, in a party of up to 5 members! In the future, I expect to release more BPQ difficulties for S2/S3/Niflheim.

Additionally, I am happy to announce that we are releasing our first character skill changes.
I will be monitoring the performance of different classes and adjusting them as needed to bring all characters to an even playing field. My goal is to make sure that all classes are viable so that you can have the freedom to experience any class you want, without having to worry about imbalances.

As always, thank you for playing and supporting the server.

[Boss Party Quest]
A new Windictus exclusive game mode has arrived!
If you're above Lv. 80, come check it out in Rohorran's Prairie.
You'll need an entry pass to get in, which can be crafted by Jarlath or dropped in Heroic S3/Niflheim raids at a low rate.
[Image: AuYA4ZH.jpg]
Completing BPQ will net you 2 BPQ Tokens each time. 
Completing BPQ on Season of Macha will net you an additional (tradable) BPQ Token Pouch which can grant up to 6 BPQ Tokens.
BPQ Tokens are exchangable for various goods including ghost armor and basic artifacts.
[Image: hsCr6oF.png]
[Image: FPzpdxr.png]
[Image: U9lGxAm.png]

  • Arthyen now sells a class exclusive toy.
  • The Beggar now sells glowing Phoenix Wings!
  • These cosmetic Phoenix Wings are dyeable avatar chest pieces that can cover up your real wings (if you so desire).
[Image: uJZwynJ.png]
[Image: 7i5T4tc.jpg]
[Image: yPx9gVq.jpg]

  • Heroic Succubus Queen's key drop rate has been lowered by roughly 10%
  • Protection Runes have been removed from Heroic Niflheim raids
  • Heroic Niflheim and S3 raids can drop EBPQ Entry Tickets
  • Eochaid no longer drops Magic Powders
  • Hard & Heroic Eochaid now drop all three Niflheim key fragments
[Custom Skill Changes]
  • XE Move cooldown has been increased to 20s
  • Arisha's Warp Hole cooldown has been decreased from 10s to 6s
  • Sylas' Phantom Force: Blade at max stacks now grants an additional 50 M.ATK
  • Sylas' Phantom Force: Hilt at max stacks now grants an additional 150 M.ATK
  • Sylas' Extinction Roar level cap has been raised to Rank 1
  • Sylas' Phantasmic Slash level cap has been raised to Rank 1
  • Lynn's Chrysanthemum Mark now lowers more enemy def at each stack (3% / 4% / 5% / 6% / 8% / 10%) -> (3% / 4% / 6% / 8% / 10% / 12%)
  • Lynn's Swift Assassin level cap has been raised to Rank 6
  • Lynn's Five Finger Death level cap has been raised to Rank 6
  • Kai's Strafe Shot now grants (3% / 7% / 12%) critical damage based on their current Deft stacks
  • Kai's Hollow Shot level cap has been raised to Rank 3
  • Kai's Ricochet Shot level cap has been raised to Rank 1
  • Kai's Eagle Eye Assault level cap has been raised to Rank 1

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