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Title: Game crash after Entering Colhen in Flames
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Hey I want to post something about my problem in the game. This is about Colhen in Flames dungeon. The dungeon is still playable when i was questing and also i came back shortly to farm Empowered Enhancement Stones. But after few weeks when i came back to farm stones once again I got an error for the Colhen in Flames bgm file. I checked the bgm file folder and the file wasnt there so I posted it on Discord server about it and at first nobody seems to care about it and today i posted it in a second time someone did pay attention to it and tried to help me but it didnt fix the problem.

The Error says:
cutscene\kolhen_fire\010_bgm_kolhen_fire.wav GetDataPointer()failed.

Then after that the game closes. i might be the only one who's experiencing this by now but at least some admin can help me fix this i tried some possible fix but it didnt fix at all.

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