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Title: [6/2] Patch Notes
Thread Modes

  • Unbind potion prices have been reduced to 350k 
  • Raonne's Seal Pouches have been added to the Shire and the Beggar
  • Succubus Wing Jacket Pack (Black) has been added to the Beggar
  • Goibhniu's Enhancement Stones have been added to the Golden Time Coupon Exchange
  • Increased the purchase limit of Enhancement Protection Runes (+10 - +15) to 2 in the Golden Time Coupon Exchange
  • 30d VIP Capsules have been added to Ernmass' AP Exchange

  • Daily pet uptime has been increased to 23h

[Bug Fixes]
  • Golden Time Exchange shop now restocks limited quantity items
  • Cunning Etunoch's Axe has been added to Cunning Etunoch drop table (for Shayla's questline)
I think Golden Time shop is not restocking

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