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Title: [3/28] Patch Notes
Thread Modes

[Ultimate Objective Event]
Ultimate Objective is back and better than ever! Thank you to everyone who participated in our first Ultimate Objective event over the Winter and provided feedback (shoutout to Effect).

For those of you who've never done Ultimate Objective before, the event is simple: Slay the designated bosses, and once enough bosses have been slain, everybody who participated will receive Ultimate Objective reward boxes. 
Every boss slain by every player on the server (not just your boss kills) will count towards the Ultimate Objective event.
[Image: 6UG575J.png]
These boxes will give you coupons that can then be spent in the Ultimate Objective Coupon Shop (found under the Events section of the UI).
[Image: zS6KajG.png]

[Golden Time]
Every Golden Time will now include a stamp that can be exchanged for goodies.
Here's a small glimpse of what you can get!
[Image: bwNjR7e.png]

  • Some prices have been adjusted
  • Avatar Pastel Dye boxes are now available 
  • Some prices have been adjusted
  • Some prices have been adjusted
Daily Mission Exchange
  • Some prices have been adjusted
Ernmass (AP)
  • Some prices have been adjusted
  • The daily purchase limit on SP potions has been raised to 10
Seal Shop
  • Some prices have been adjusted
[Crafting Recipes]
  • Clearing Heroic Succubus Queen now grants a recipe to Brynn for crafting a generic weapon OJ
  • The expiration date of Lv.70+ level up boxes have been removed
  • Character Jumping Potions can no longer be used at Lv. 100
  • Empty Bottles, Broken Arrowheads, Spoiled Strawberry Brandy, Grey Fish Scalehave, Rotten Seaweed, and Old Shoes have been removed from the auto fishing pool when using Gallagher's Ignacht Fishing Poles.
Thank you for new update  Big Grin Heart Heart Heart
Good update!

One thing I see as an negative.. The Enhancement rune that deranks your weapon by one level isn't very useful past +15. The enhance rates are too low to make them worthwhile as failure is expected. I'd suggest offering the runes that don't derank your weapon upon failure as they're much more worth while & I don't think anyone will be purchasing the rune inplace.

Just my thought.


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