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Title: [1/6] Patch Notes
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[Avatar Shop]
  • Added Bunny Babe (M+F) outfit
    [Image: tgyQgOa.png]
  • Added Tieve (F) outfit
    [Image: SeczaKO.png]
  • Added Trivene Witch (F) outfit
    [Image: fthJ6eU.png]
  • Added Fox Miko (M+F) outfit
    [Image: hVzE7jG.png]

  • Marketplace listing fee has been reduced from 3% to 1%
  • The snowy weather in Colhen has passed, and nightfall has arrived
  • The Christmas EXP & AP bonus event has ended
  • You can now find 100% accurate drop data on Windictus from our drop database spreadsheet here

[Drop Changes]
  • Queen Succubus & Blood Lord Reborn now drop Enhancement Elixirs on Hard & Heroic difficulty
  • Magic Powders now drop from S2 raids on 80-90 difficulty
  • Non-stacking Red Archer trash drops have been removed from the Heroic loot table

[Crafting Recipes]
  • Arthyen can now craft Ruby Belts & Emerald Belts if you have the recipe (learned from clearing Lugh & Braha respectively on Hard difficulty)

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