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Title: Help with unhandled exception
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Seems to be working fine,

"Sent = 4, Received = 4, Lost = 0 (0% loss)"

I deactivated my AV and still get the same problem.

Ok, I figured it out. Firewall from AV was still active and even though the .exe is on the allowed list already, apparently it was still being blocked. I have to turn off my firewall completely to be able to use the program though. Not sure if that's the best idea.

Ahhh well this is wonderful, so now I get the game to boot up fine but am unable to type anything in the ID/Pass section to login now........... I already tried the solution posted in another thread to try alt+tab and that didn't work. I don't see any other solutions posted about that one.
Did you click on our Servername in the login screen?
(07-15-2019, 05:10 AM)Scamazed Wrote: Did you click on our Servername in the login screen?

I think I did yes, but I tried again and am able to login now. Didn't even have to alt+tab. Thanks for all the help.
Just delete the contents in the"tmp" folder under Windictus folder, then retry updating..
It fixes my problem..

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