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Title: Hollow Hoarfrost Horror
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[Image: VINDICTUS-BEAR-001.jpg]

She raced through the tunnel of ice and rock, the cloud of mist from her breathing creating a sense of a hurried pace. The frigid temperature was starting to bite her partly due to the inappropriate garb she wore and partly due to the creeping fear of what lies ahead. She paid no heed to the danger of the formed icicles surrounding her.

Both hands gripped her only weapon, a magic staff of medium quality. Her attire consisted mostly of black leather and she'd lost her cape during an earlier encounter with kobolds. It was what had kept her temperature stable enough while she charged through the endless ice tunnels of Hoarfrost Hollow. 

She had to find IT. She had to find the terror of Hoarfrost Hollow, its White Tyrant.

The tunnel she had been on finally turned a sharp left and opens into a cavernous hall. She immediately stopped dead on her tracks as if by instinct, almost slipping on the snow covered ground. 

At the other end of the massive hall was a colossal white bear and she knew it was the White Tyrant. She wasn't shivering from the cold anymore.

She was shivering from fear.

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