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Title: Just found out about this! (and some questions :P )
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Hi all!

I recently found out about Windictus via a friend. I used to be a mega fan of Vindictus dating as far back as open beta, until nexon betrayed me  Angry

Pretty excited to jump back into this game (though I suppose I won't be quite as active as back then due to work and what not)

I gave this a shot for ~2hrs today, and really liked it so far, but I got a few question:

- looking at https://forum.windictus.net/thread-50.html , it mentioned that golden time is a permanent feature. However I didn't seem to be receiving any thing from golden time gift during my 2hr session. My mailbox was just empty. What am I missing?
- I noticed that Keaghan's costume and succubus queen's costume requires NX (everything else is 0 NX cost). How do I acquire NX in this version or is this a bug?

Thanks in advance, and looking forward to enjoy this game again without all the p2w shenanigans  Big Grin
Actually I've just received 30+ mails for golden time gift at once lol
looks like the delivery is sometimes delayed for some reason
- Golden Time was a bit glitched earlier, but it should be fixed now.
- Those 2 outfits in the cash shop are just a preview of what they'd look like on your character. To actually but them you'll need Crimson Tokens from The Beggar.

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