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Title: [10/23] Patch Notes
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[Boss Party Quest]
  • Increased the time between some boss spawns
  • Reduced entry pass crafting material costs
  • Added EBPQ entry passes to the Golden Time Exchange
  • Added a new oath for EBPQ that rewards two BPQ Token pouches upon clear
  • Lowered the cost of some items in the BPQ Token exchange
  • Added Tanker's Enchant Scroll to the BPQ Token exchange (contains useful entry tier ES — for example: Tutelary, Valor, Master, WB, etc.)
PS: Only the boat leader needs an entry pass for BPQ. The remaining 4 party members do not need one to enter the leader's boat.

  • Added limited time pumpkin helmets to The Beggar for 4 Crimson Tokens each
  • Added +1 Unbind Coupons to The Beggar
  • Added Heavens Footstep effect to Arthyen's store
[Custom Skill Changes]
  • Hurk's Onslaught level cap has been raised to Rank 8 (increases damage and # of exposed attacks to 4)

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