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Title: [10/15] Patch Notes
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Greetings mercenaries!

It's been a little while since our last update, and as you may have heard, some cool stuff has happened behind the scenes since then. Not too long ago, I thought that we had successfully reached a huge breakthrough and managed to implement Abomination into our outdated version of Vindictus. 
[Image: Nsi0d3Z.jpg]

Unfortunately, after extensive testing, we determined that version was not yet ready for production due to unforeseen bugs at the last moment. 

But I'm not going to give up, and that is something I will continue to work towards, because Abomination is just the tip of the iceberg for us. If we can have Abomination, we can have anything else too, and that'll open an entire world of possibilities.

So with all that being said, you now understand what I've been working on. 
Nonetheless, I do want to apologize for the lack of server updates, and I hope you'll enjoy this one. 
With some luck, Abomination will be coming up on the horizon.

Thank you for playing and supporting Windictus, I appreciate it.

Patch Notes

Come try out our latest event, Windictusopoly! 
You can find Gift's Lucky Die as a drop from Braha, S2 raids (80-90), and through various exchanges such as Golden Time or Ultimate Objective. 
This special die will allow you to roll for useful items! 
You can access Windictusopoly through the Menu in the bottom left corner -> Random Box.
[Image: 6DdqVGe.jpg]

Happy Spooktober mercenaries!
The weather in Colhen now reflects the full blown Autumn season.
If you're lucky this Halloween, you can get a Black Cat Mark Emblem as a rare drop from Heroic Niflheim raids!
[Image: GunmsYZ.png]

[Anniversary Event]
Thank you everyone for playing and celebrating our server's first anniversary.
The event boosts to EXP, Gold, Drop, and AP are now over, and the server will return back to our regular rates.

[Ultimate Objective]
Ultimate objective has been refreshed.

  • The price of seal pouches and dead run stimulants have been lowered in the Beggar's shop
  • You can now buy Sealed Raid ES with S3 Vouchers from the Cat in Colhen
  • You can now buy Goibhniu's Enhancement Stone with Broken Eochaid Essences from the Cat in Colhen
  • 10 Luck has been added to the starting packs 7d Fomorian Book 
[Drop Rates]
  • Queen Succubus no longer drops Intermediate Element Stones
  • Queen Succubus now drops Key Fragments again
  • Key Fragment drop rates have been significantly lowered in Heroic Niflheim raids
[Bug Fixes]
  • Brynn's recipe to convert BMP to MPs is now available
  • Fixed an issue with runes
  • Fixed an issue with Braha completions not being counted towards the Ultimate Objective

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