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Title: [8/20] Patch Notes
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Hi, it's me again!

You guys finished the last Ultimate Objective so quickly that I figured you deserve to get the next one sooner rather than waiting for the automatic rotation. Several suggestions that players have shared with me recently have been implemented, in addition to some small miscellaneous changes that hopefully improve your quality of life on Windictus.

As always, please feel free to share any suggestions or feedback you may have for the server; I'm always open to hearing new ideas!
PS: If you think the server is doing well as is, I'd love to hear you share your positive experiences too +shy

[Ultimate Objective Event]
  • The objective rotation has been refreshed early since it was completed ahead of schedule
  • The cap on marketplace listing prices has been lifted (e.g. Crimson Tokens can now be sold for > 10k gold each)
  • The Tir Coin tab has been removed from the marketplace
  • The login screen has returned to the Season 3 theme
  • Campfire buff is back! Sit at the campfire for a while and you'll receive a buff
  • Heroic Eochaid's breakoff now has a chance to drop a broken essence 
  • You can now convert Blessed Magic Powders to regular Magic Powders via. Brynn (currently bugged)
  • Lv. 70 rings now require Broken Ring Fragments instead of Twilight Orbs to craft
  • Dead Run Stimulants are now purchasable from the Beggar
[Bug Fixes]
  • Pastel Dye Box now properly distributes dyes
The server is now online.
Rates medium??? ... Big GrinDDDD

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