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Title: [8/9] Patch Notes
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It has now been a year since Windictus first opened our doors to the public, and I have to say that I'm impressed with how far we have gotten. Windictus is the child that was born out of my frustration with Nexon's unfair systems that hinged less on a player's skill, and more on their wallet. In Windictus, I have tried to undo Nexon's greed and correct the game in a way that's fair and competitive for everyone to enjoy. I am always interested in hearing suggestions and feedback on the server, and I invite you to share any ideas you have with me here or even right in this thread.

While I realize we have a long way to go, I truly am grateful to you guys for playing and supporting Windictus. 
I promise that as long as there are people supporting Windictus, we will never go offline.

Thank you again everyone, and Happy Anniversary to Windictus! +best

The server will go down for maintenance on August 9th at approximately 6:00 PM (GMT-4) to apply the following patch.

[Anniversary Event]
To celebrate Windictus' 1st Anniversary, all battles will give 100% bonus EXP and 50 bonus flat AP!
You'll see these boosts applied in the battle completion window whenever you finish a battle.
Additionally, all bosses will drop 1 extra Evil Core!

Wings purchased from the Beggar can now be enchanted with Fast, Arcane, Mythical, and Spellbound Enchant Scrolls. 
[Image: cmcgf2b.png][Image: MJM2uUt.png]

[Crafting Recipes]
  • Kirstie can now craft Thunder Rings and Crescent Moonlight Rings if you have the recipe (learned from clearing Muir on Hard difficulty)
  • The generic Braha weapon OJ recipe is now unlocked from Heroic Zecallion rather than Heroic Blood Lord Reborn
  • NEW WINDICTUS EXCLUSIVE: Brynn can now craft the Spell Book of Eternity if you have the recipe (learned from clearing Blood Lord Reborn on Heroic difficulty)
    [Image: usAYUye.png]
  • Otherworldly Pocket Watch has been added to the PvP seal shop
  • The price of dye ampoules has been reduced in Clodagh's shop
  • The price of test dye ampoules in the AP shop has been reduced, and the purchase limit has been increased
  • The cost of Special Enhancement Runes has been reduced in the seal shop
  • The cost of Premium Enhancement Runes, Premium Enchant Runes, S3EP1 Mercernary Surprise Boxes, and Enhancement Protection Rune (+10 - 15) has been reduced in the Daily Mission Exchange 
  • Dye ampoules have been added to the Daily Mission Exchange
  • The Appearance Alteration Coupon has been replaced with a Lubber's Risky (1-4*) Quality Coupon in the Ultimate Objective Exchange
  • Intermediate Element Stones can now be sold to the NPC for 50k gold each
  • The drop rate for Goibhniu's Enhancement stones has been doubled in Heroic BCE/BCM
  • New characters now receive 2 free 10d temporary storage chest expansions and a 7d 20% combat EXP booster
  • When making a new character, the free Appearance Alteration Coupon has been replaced with 50 Party Merc. Potions instead
[Bug Fixes]
  • Sealed Enchant Scrolls now properly distribute Arcane ES
  • The missing Ultimate Objective has been added
The patch notes above are now finalized for the update.
The patch is now complete, enjoy!

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