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Title: Favorite Animes?
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I think is always fun to talk about with people are favorite animes. Here is my top 15 list in no order

1. No Game No Life
2. Daring in the FRANXX
3. Nise Koi
4. Golden Time
5. Akame Ga Kill
6. Violet Evergarden
7. The Silent Voice
8. Your lie in April
9. Spice and Wolf
10. Seven Deadly Sins
11. Overlord
12. Noragami
13. Is it wrong to pick up girls in a dungeon? 
14. How not to summon a demon lord. 
15. Your Name
13 <3 <3 <3

I'd have to say my top 3 are
1. Seven deadly sins
2. Danmachi
3. Naruto
[Image: Ivn43Ke.png]
ye ye I love my naruto as well just didn't want to put any super big animes on there to show the taste I got xP! I would highly recommend any of these animes all super good!
We're gonna have to watch some together.. do you use discord? I'm in the servers discord so join and pm me there too, my discord name is Kosa
[Image: Ivn43Ke.png]
Alrightly will do! I'll message yea right away.
I can't name all of them properly but i've watch over 500 animes mostly popular and unpopular
dragonball ?

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