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Title: The First Redeemer: Neamhain
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The First Redeemer: Neamhain

Prepare to embark on a journey like no other, as the hallowed gates of Neamhain swing open to reveal a realm of unparalleled trials and epic rewards! 

Neamhain Stats:
  • HP: 69.72m 
  • ATK: 22000
  • Crit: 125
  • DEF: 17000
  • Crit Res: 90
On [Heroic] difficulty, Neamhain gains 3000 ATK, 3000 DEF, and 3x HP.

[Image: bVRV4Nx.png]

Triumph Awaits: Exceptional Rewards

Clear Neamhain, and the spoils of victory will be yours to claim. Not just once, but thrice! 
Stand tall and conquer this formidable raid to attain exceptional stats on your 1st, 50th, and 100th triumphant clear. 
Your dedication will be richly rewarded with power beyond imagination!

Due to the lack of a Redeemers UI, we bestow the stats to you with the following titles:

[Image: 98dhzf3.png]

No Revival in Niflheim

Accessible in the chilling lands of Niflheim, Neamhain adheres to the Niflheim tradition—once you fall, there's no revival. The stakes are high, and only the strongest will prevail.

Time Is of the Essence

You can clear Neamhain 3 times per 12 hours (4x with VIP, and 5x with VVIP).

Exquisite Rewards

Neamhain is guaranteed to drop multiple [Box of Conviction: Redeemers] when cleared on [Hero] difficulty. 
Inside these boxes, you'll discover rare accessories, valuable enhancement materials, or even a [Sealed Raid Enchant Scroll].

Possible accessories include:
  • Emerald Belt
  • Peridot Belt
  • Ruby Belt
  • Amethyst Belt
  • Thunder Ring
  • Crescent Moon Announcement
  • Crescent Moonlight Ring
  • Ocean Depths Monster
The Solo Oath

For the most fearless warriors among us, an added oath beckons you to clear Neamhain as a solo player in exchange for an exceptional gold reward. 
Prove your mettle and claim your place among the most skilled and fearless!

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