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Title: Appeal for unban
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IGN: Azoth123
Time of Ban: unknown
Ban Reason: Probably because of hacked discord (involves an advertisement to some site)
Screenshot of ban message: 
[Image: SYNp9V4J]

[Image: G8D4NLTk]
Why you should be unbanned: My discord account was hacked through phone before and i have resolved it by updating my security profile. While it was hacked, i found out that all of my friends and server receive this advertisement (which is not even me writing it). It took me a lot of time to clear the sent messages from my friends and from other server. I also found out that some of my friends and other people had this issue before and if it helps, there is a lot of search result with this case in google if you search for "hacked discord nitro". I hope this will provide the information to prove my appeal for unban. thank you.
Discord tag?
(11-21-2022, 10:18 AM)Gift Wrote: Discord tag?

Cleiss (Greylvastr)#9875

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