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Title: Ban Appeal
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IGN: Drey
Time of ban: Don't know
Ban reason: Don't know
Screenshot of ban message: 
[Image: HTOYIDn.jpg]
[Image: U37MF4w.jpg]

Why you should be unbanned:
It seems that I've been banned from the discord server and because of that my account seems to be banned too, I don't know the reason of that, I just stopped playing long ago because I started playing another game, and now that I tried to play the server again I got surprised that my account was banned.
Discord tag?
(07-16-2022, 06:33 PM)Gift Wrote: Discord tag?
You were banned for advertising other servers.
(07-16-2022, 10:22 PM)Gift Wrote: You were banned for advertising other servers.

Tbh, I don't remember that, but is there a way to get my acc back again o should I create another one?

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