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Title: [11/22] Patch Notes
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- Translated some items from Korean to English
- The gold cost of learning skills has been reduced to 1
- You can now buy 10 of each ampoule per day from the AP shop
- Chat tabs "fixed" (reverted back to old school chatbox)

- All currently available cosmetics (hairs, makeup, tattoos) are now free permanently
- Appearance Alteration Coupons are now free
- Avatar shop duplicate sets have been mostly removed (my thanks to showdps for compiling the duplicates list +best)
- You can now customize more cosmetic features directly in the character creation stage
- Several new avatar sets have been added to the avatar shop
  • Aurora Princess (F) / Tin-Can Robot (M)
    [Image: ZHTCk9D.png]
  • Void Reaper
    [Image: gXsEnPF.png]
  • Golden Panda
    [Image: LbCdY9G.png]
  • Forge Mistress (F) / Forge Master (M)
    [Image: vOEJkUy.png]
- Pastel Dye Box has been revamped - Wings now give 10 Luck, 30% Town Movement Speed, and 5 Stamina
- New items have been added
  • Random AP capsules (5k - 20k)
  • Butterfly Wings
    [Image: 398I2QM.png]
  • Succubus Queen Avatar Set
    [Image: otQkcM1.png]
[Enchant Scrolls]
- Balance changes
  • Enthusiastic: Balance +5 -> Balance +4
  • Immoral: Crit +8 -> Crit +7
- Nexon's R6 ES have been implemented, however some adjustments have been made to them
[Image: PMJwyTY.png]
- New custom R6 ES have been added!
[Image: lWUyei2.png]
- These new ES can be obtained as a Sealed ES drop from S3 & Niflheim raid bosses
[Image: UGOo4Tl.png]

- Arisha Focuses are now enchantable
- All spellbooks are now equippable by all characters
- All spellbooks now give equal amounts of STR/INT, and ATK/MATK
- OJ max enchant rank has been raised to R6 (previously R7)
- Some other feather's max enchant rank has been raised by 1

[Level Up Gifts]
- New players will now receive the new Windictus Rookie & Windictus Mercernary titles from giftboxes as they level up
- The 7d Fomorian Spellbook now comes enchanted with our brand new custom enchants, Mythical & Spellbound
- Some AP capsule amounts were increased slightly
- Some giftbox items have been removed and replaced with new ones
- The Cadet Ring now comes enchanted with Fast
- The 7d Crimson Blade Mercernary Badge now comes enchanted with Berserker & Fast
- The Lv. 85 giftbox now gives a new Lv. 90 giftbox that contains enhanced & enchanted Lv. 80 equipment, and a special Windictus Battlemaster title
  • Players who have already used their Lv. 85 giftbox can still buy this Lv. 90 giftbox once from the AP shop in Colhen for 1 AP
- The starting potion level boost has been increased to Lv. 60

- Goibhniu stones bonus & cost have been adjusted
[Image: KkY3153.png]

[Bug Fixes]
- Attempted to fix an issue with turning in Clodagh's Exquisite Light Nightmare set quest (please let me know if it still doesn't let you complete the quest)
- Attempted to fix a bug that glitched GGs
Looks like Succubus Queen set needs NX to buy :/
That's a donator outfit.

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