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Title: A New Mercenary's Guide to Windictus
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Greetings new mercenary!
In this guide I'll be covering some of our server's custom features to help you get your journey started.

Golden Time

Every hour that you're online, you'll receive free gifts from the Golden Time event.
Golden Time also gives a stamp that can be exchanged for other goods (more on this later).
New mercenaries receive bonus stamps for the first 20 days to help kickstart their journey, so it's extra important to stay online as much as possible.

It is recommended to sit at the Campfire or Hot Springs in Colhen whenever you go AFK to maximize Golden Time rewards.
(Sitting at the campfire or Hot Springs is specifically recommended because some players disconnect when going AFK, but sitting at those specific locations will prevent that from happening.)

Welcome to Colhen

First things first, Windictus uses a custom Colhen map which has the following features:
  • All buildings in Colhen can be entered by your character. If you're looking for a particular NPC, walk around the interior of the building — different NPC dialogues will open up at fixed locations inside the building.
For example, here's the inside of Clodagh's General Store:
[Image: unknown.png]
  • There are various circles on the ground around Colhen. Entering a circle toggles on an effect specific to that circle. To toggle off a circle's effect, you just have to step back inside the same circle again. Feel free to explore them around town!
The circles look something like this:
[Image: 0RmAEm6.jpeg]
  • Several circles perform fashion transformations on your character; those transformations are temporary and can be undone by boarding a boat.
New Characters

New characters start with a number of free gifts in their NX inventory:
[Image: EuoW0a7.png]
The most important item here is the Expedition Bundle.
Each Expedition Bundle will continue to give you a higher level Expedition Bundle for you to open in the future.
Make sure to open these whenever you can.

Gifts include new equipment, Enchant Scrolls, Runes, AP capsules, materials, and utility items.
It is recommended to join a guild ASAP; you'll immediately receive a large amount of free AP and other benefits from it (repair discounts, bonus EXP, etc.)


In Windictus when you make a new character, you'll have two options for leveling:
  1. The first option is you can use a character boost potion (in the NX inventory tab) and jump to Lv. 60 immediately.
  2. The second option is to play normally starting at Lv. 1, and to follow the main story questline.
Quests are NOT completed for you if you choose to option 1. 
You will have to go back and do quests to unlock Path Transformation, etc.
  • If you are totally new to Vindictus, enjoy throwback moments, or haven't played in a long time, I suggest leveling normally to get a feel of the game. If you change your mind later, you can always use the potion at any time.
  • If you are a veteran mercenary that just wants to raid ASAP, you can use the jump potion.
  • Do NOT use the potion if you are over Lv. 60; using it above Lv. 60 will lower your level to Lv. 60
  • Make sure to activate VIP Service + Combat Bonus EXP Capsule, and use EXP Blessing Stones while leveling
Leveling manually from Lv. 1 - 60
Leveling normally is straightforward; just follow the main storyline quests.
Because of the 8x EXP rate, you'll quickly outlevel the quests but that's okay.
Keep chugging along with the main storyline and you'll be fine.

Leveling from Lv. 60+
  • Lv. 60-70: Serpent King Lakiora (Lakiora Easy solo difficulty) // From the Depths (Kraken Easy solo difficulty) // Two Moons (great source of Magic Powders) // Colhen in Flames (Hero difficulty + Season of Macha oath)
  • Lv. 70-79: Ship Graveyard / Twilight Desert / Crescent Moon Island
  • Lv. 77-80: Rocheste by the Sea (Muir)
  • Lv. 80-90: Main Storyline Quests / Season 1 Raids on Normal difficulty (Titan, Thor, Ingkells, Ahglan, Glas, Shining Shakar, CBH, Lionotus, Colru, Siglint, Beokros, Elchy, Keaghan)

Until you reach Lv. 90, you can continue to use the free equipment provided by the Expedition Bundles.
The Armageddon weapon from the Expedition Bundle is the first item that you can start working on.
You should be able to enhance it to 8-10 and enchant it with budget Enchant Scrolls (ES). 

Season 1 raids in Windictus drop various types of runes that you can use for enhancing. 
Additionally, they also drop Swaying Fires which can be exchanged for useful materials.

To access the Swaying Fire exchange, click on the Event icon in the bottom right corner -> Coupon Store -> Click the Swaying Fire icon on the left:
[Image: EAQz79l.png]

Obtaining BIS Equipment

  • Armor & Weapon: Farm Season 3 raids (Regina/Braha/Glas/Lugh) for item combination materials
  • Earrings: Innocent Cry/Tear is craftable by Enzo after defeating Eochaid
  • Offhand: Spellbook of Eternity is craftable by Enzo after defeating Blood Lord Reborn (this slot varies depending on class though, e.g. Fiona uses a shield)
  • Wings: Purchase from The Beggar in Rocheste with Crimson Tokens
  • Belt: Peridot/Amethyst Belt dropped from Misty Summit or Moonlight Peak
  • Brooch: White Cat Brooch can be purchased from Kirstie for 35m gold
  • Artifact: Greater Werewolf Paw/Greater Mysterious Cat Statue can be purchased from The Beggar in Rocheste with Crimson Tokens or PvP seals
  • Rings: 2x Crescent Moon Announcement/Ocean Depths Monster dropped from last treasure chest in Ship Graveyard/Crescent Moon Island
  • Bracelets: 2x Silver Bracelet with superior gems; you can buy the Bracelets from  Aislinn for 100m gold
  • Bracelet Gems: Aislinn Advanced Gems box


Starting from +9, armor enhancements can give Balance, Attack Speed, Crit, Add Dmg, Crit Resist.
This is a Windictus custom change that makes enhancing armor more appealing.

[Image: KkY3153.png]

Enhancement/Protection Runes 

Protection Runes drop the current Enhancement level by 1 upon failure.
For example, if your equipment was +12 and you used a Protection Rune, it would drop to +11 upon failure.
There are 3 types of Protection Runes:
[Image: sjlE1rt.png]
[Image: QSlyFFx.png]

Enhancement Runes have no consequence upon failure.
For example, if your equipment was +12 and you used an Enhancement Rune, it would be +12 upon failure.

There are 6 types of Enhancement Runes.

Plain Enhancement Rune is used from +4 to +10.
This is the same rune as in official.
Obtainable from the AP shop, Ferghus' shop, raid drops
[Image: UaVbIrH.png]

Premium Enhancement Rune is used from +10 to +13.
Obtainable from the Golden Time Exchange, Daily Ticket Exchange, Ultimate Objective Exchange, Swaying Fire Exchange
[Image: z1xhi3Z.png]

Exceptional Enhancement Rune is used from +11 to +15.
Obtainable from The Beggar (donor shop).
[Image: Ichragk.png]

Special Enhancement Rune is used from +13 to +15.
Obtainable from the Seal shop on the docks, Ultimate Objective Exchange, and from Boss Party Quest Exchange.
It's recommended to buy Raonne's Seal Pouches wherever possible so that you can buy runes.
[Image: fEsMcMp.png]

Epic Enhancement Rune is used from +15 to +18.
Obtained from Niflheim raids, or from the Shire's exchange.
[Image: EqV9fId.png]

Prime Enhancement Rune is used from +18 to +20.
Obtained from Niflheim raids, or from the Shire's exchange.
[Image: 6ZULjny.png]

Additionally, there are Unstable variants of some runes, which consume the rune even upon success.
For example:
[Image: icIzonO.png]
Drops & Custom Shops/Exchanges

You can view the drop table for every item at https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1...QjFUOU2RI/

Important: You can dismantle your blue/purple S3 item combination materials and trade them in for OJs at the Colhen dock by speaking to the Shire cat.

The Shire's store can be accessed by speaking to the Shire cat located at Colhen dock.
[Image: DQpVnQF.png]
It is highly recommended to buy the Daily Mission Completion Tickets which you can then exchange for Premium Enhancement Runes.
[Image: j1OIIhS.png]

S3 & Niflheim raids can drop "S3 Raid Victory Vouchers" which can also be exchanged by the Shire.
[Image: B5xt7P9.png]

Golden Time Stamps can be exchanged by clicking on the Event icon in the bottom right corner -> Coupon Store -> Click the Golden Time Stamp icon on the left.

It is recommended to buy Premium Enhancement Runes.
[Image: mFnnzwC.png]

Daily Mission is a daily series of tasks with rewards.
Daily Mission can be accessed by clicking on the Event icon in the bottom right corner -> Daily Mission.
Upon finishing your Daily Mission everyday, you'll receive a Daily Mission Completion Ticket which can be exchanged for goods.

It is recommended to buy Premium Enhancement Runes.
[Image: Y2Y9nkF.png]

You can exchange your Seals of Bravery/Dedication for materials by talking to The Royal Army Recruit at the Colhen dock.
You get 1 Seal of Bravery from each boat you run, up to a max of 20 per day.
You can get additional Seals of Bravery daily from buying Raonne's Seal Pouch.

It is recommended to max your Seal of Braverys daily to buy Special Enhancement Runes.
[Image: nnymoGz.png]

You can purchase various items with AP by talking to Ernmass in the Colhen Inn.

Buying Raonne's Seal Pouch is highly recommended.
PS: You can also exchange your PvP seals for PvE seals at a 3:2 rate in the PvP Artifact shop.
[Image: yHZqRtp.png]

Windictus features a custom battle series called Boss Party Quest (BPQ).
Entrance is limited. You'll need a Boss Party Quest Entry Pass to start the battle (only the party leader needs one). 
Jarlath can craft BPQ Entry Passes for you.

Completing BPQ will reward you with BPQ Tokens which can be exchanged for goods.
[Image: aYdijhU.png]

The Beggar is the donor shop; you can find him outside in Rocheste or in the Colhen prison cell.
You will need Crimson Tokens to purchase items from him.
You can obtain Crimson Tokens by purchasing them from other players or buy donating to the server ($10 USD => 1000 Crimson Tokens).
[Image: Aiybnnq.png]

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