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Title: Donation Information
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As a token of our gratitude for your donation, we'd like to thank you for supporting the server by presenting you with Crimson Tokens!
For every $1 USD donated, you will receive 100 Crimson Tokens.
You can spend your Crimson Tokens at the Beggar NPC in-game, or trade/sell them on the Marketplace to other players.

You can currently donate to support the server with PayPal.
Donations made with PayPal must be of at least $10 to receive tokens.
Donations over $100 will receive a bonus 5% Crimson Tokens.

[Image: btn_donateCC_LG.gif]

After donating, please fill out the form in the Donations sub-forum (located here) with the following format:
Transaction ID: 
Amount donated: 
Date of donation: 
PayPal Email:  
Your donation will be processed as soon as possible (generally within several hours).
You can also create a ticket on Discord to process your donation quicker.

You may have to relog for your Crimson Tokens to arrive in your mailbox.
Thank you for donating and supporting the server!

Please remember that Crimson Tokens are obtained via donations to Windictus; not a purchase. 
You are not entitled to a “refund” because you completed a donation out of courtesy.
Once Crimson Tokens are transferred to your game account your donation cannot be reversed. 
All Crimson Tokens obtained via donations are final. No return, exchange, price adjustments, or cancellations will be permitted. 

Please note that we have the right to suspend our game service at any time, as unlikely as that is to happen. You will not be entitled to a refund were this to happen.
We take fraud seriously, if you commit fraud and if we suspect that you are committing a fraud transaction, we notify the IC3 and refund the payment as soon as possible.
Misc. donation information: https://forum.windictus.net/thread-73.html

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