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Title: Section Rules
Thread Modes
Rules and guidelines of this section:
  1. Do NOT post in other people's player reports, unless you are of immediate involvement of the report — this means you are either the reporter, or the accused. This is to keep reports clean and easy to process.
  2. Do not bump your thread — we will get to your report when we can.
  3. Screenshots should be in their original form — please do NOT crop them.
  4. Harassment reports must include multiple screenshots of a continuous chat log, ie. the last message in the first screenshot should be the first message in the second screenshot (and so on).
  5. You must use the following thread format when reporting a player:
Quote:Your IGN:
IGN of the person you are reporting:
Specific rule they broke:
Additional Comments:

You may use a free recording tool such as Fraps or Bandicam to record video evidence if necessary.

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