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Title: [10/25] Patch Notes
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[Swaying Fire Exchange]
Season 1 Heroic raids and Season 2 Treasure Chests (70-80) will have a high chance of dropping Swaying Fires, a new currency that can be exchanged for vanity cosmetics and other fun items.
[Image: 0eE6oMa.png]

[Custom Skill Changes]
  • Karok's SP: Hulking Fury level cap has been raised to Rank 3
  • Karok's Pillar Counter level cap has been raised to Rank 6
[Boss Party Quest]
  • Changed Glas to Keaghan due to an unexpected boss interaction
  • The 2500 AP Capsule spot has been changed to 4x Paradise Enhancement Stones
  • The 5000 AP Capsule spot has been changed to an EBPQ Entry Pass
[Drop Changes]
  • Eochaid Key fragments have been replaced with Paradise Orbs
  • Raised drop rates of EBPQ Entry Passes from S3 raids
  • Increased the drop rate of OJs in Heroic BCE/BCM by approximately 1.5x
  • Increased the drop rate of rings from S2 Treasure Chests (70-80) by approximately 1.5x
  • Added Lugh feathers to Hero's Sealed Power
[Bug Fixes]
  • Fixed Ultimate Objective ticket exchange giving server megaphones when purchasing dice

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