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UI Scaling - siXLickz - 11-16-2019

Can we have UI Scaling? I play the game on 4k via DSR and the UI is a bit to small Big Grin Would be nice if there would be an option to scale it like in the original Vindi.

RE: UI Scaling - Scamazed - 11-18-2019

Original vindy did not have this option until past rise update

RE: UI Scaling - siXLickz - 11-23-2019

So theres no way to implant it? :/

RE: UI Scaling - Scamazed - 11-26-2019

Nope we dont have the source code

RE: UI Scaling - alejandor_ayala19 - 11-28-2019


[color=rgba(0, 0, 0, 0.87)]When are they going to get the new champions.
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