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Full Version: gold sink removal, more body customization.
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(gold sink removal) just a personal opinion, but I find gold sinks like 2000 gold for the carriage (minor constant gold sink), and the cost of dyes which have always had a stupid rng system that seems to hate me (major rng gold sink) quite lazy game programming. i understand their purpose i just think there are better ways to make people lose their gold. Edit: thought to clarify this, i mean removal of the gold cost not the items/services themselves. though just being able to pick colors rather than the bitch to use rng system would be nice, especially as the only colors i ever seem to be after are black and white which are the rarest in that color swamp of "choice" we have for randoms.

(more body customization) i know this is "kinda" possible with the old console, but i prefer not to risk getting banned.
so if it is possible in another way i would very much like to have a wider range of height, chest, muscle, legs and arms sizes. like how the old console commands of cc_change_figure_height and cc_change_figure_bust could be used. though i don't want the range to be the max of those commands as they got ridiculous. though one way is to make a set of items that act as those commands although i am unsure if cc_change_figure_height has any effects on stats. (as height changes reach and att.spd a little normally.) 

thought it would be better to have one post for both ideas, if that isn't the case let me know so i keep ideas in seperate posts in the future.