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Full Version: Dismantling
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It would be great if we can dismantle multiple items at once or being able to dismantle items instantly like we do for crafting materials (Sealed Power / Legendary Stone Fragments) with Diannan at Rocheste.

Actually it's a real pain and a waste of time when you have 4-5 pages of your inventory full of items to dismantle. We spend almost the same time to dismantle those items than collecting them.

I feel like I'm not the only one to be annoyed by this that's why I hope you'll understand and agreed my request.

Regards, Khudja.
Don't think we can change this sadly..
Maybe it's possible to reduce the dismantling time to 0.
great idea.
but why can't be reduced we already have cut time on crafting with expertise.
and element craft is now a thing since we need a lot of element stones now.

or if dismantling time really can't be reduced maybe we can get like x5 of catalysts when dismantling, what do you think ?