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Full Version: Increased Maximum Height/Weapon Reach
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Hey there. As evidenced by the title, the main purpose of my post was to suggest the addition of some means with which to augment your attack range in combat. It's a fairly ignored feature in Vindictus, but one I enjoy utilizing. Staying at the perfect distance to stay threatening, while granting yourself that extra fraction of a second in your reactions and dodges. Controlling space carefully to keep oneself safe when surrounded if alone. The added layer of depth in making small adjustments or split decisions like this in combat make the moment to moment action that much more engaging for a player like me.

 To go beyond my personal bias, being allowed to have more choice in character appearance or agency in conducting battle are attractive things to nearly anyone. At least one person I know complained that they wished they could simply be taller. Building your fashion and appearance tends to be a big goal of many endgames in MMO's. On top of that, certain characters can't quite reach both sides of Braha's belly (though you're suppose to attack his arms...) with their combos. Changes to maximum height could alleviate this. Both of these are simple issues, but ones that could be quashed together at once.

 Finally, it's a pretty straightforward concept from a balancing perspective. In Vindictus as it stands, the trade off for having greater reach is that you are both a larger target and have slightly slower attack speed.

:The Suggestion:

 Presently, one's range is tied to three things: The individual character's height, transformations which increase your range slightly while active, and the weapon they are holding (The source I'm basing this off of: Two of these are aspects I have suggestions for.

 For characters, if modifying maximum variables for height is possible, I'd simply suggest adding some sort of token or coupon or item that players can turn in/use that, within limits, minorly increases maximum player height. Perhaps temporarily, so as to incentivize continuous investment in that aspect if it's something someone cares about.

 For weapons, quite simply, I'd suggest adding an infusion that can increase (or more likely decrease) the scale of a weapon slightly. No frills beyond the inherent randomness of the infusion system already.

 In conclusion, I believe there is a quite a bit of potential in exploring this facet of the game. From mechanical tweaks, to fashion, to small quality of life conveniences for the few who want it. I appreciate the opportunity to provide my thoughts on the matter, and would appreciate any feedback if I've gotten something incorrect in my analysis or about the idea in general. Thanks for the great server and taking the community into consideration.  Smile