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Full Version: Ultimate Objective and content diversity
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In order to diversify the content we play on the server, I think it would be good to make UO only count on hero for S1 and 80-90 for S2 (Since most of them get completed on easy, it kinda defeats the purpose of UO). To compensate that change maybe reduce the completions required by 3x or 4x (for the particularly annoying ones at least) because obviously most people aren't gonna do cromm cruach or whatever his name is 200 times.

Also, consider adding (10-13) premium unstable runes to hero S1 raids as a rare drop and (13-15) special unstable runes to 80-90 S2, again to diversify the content that people play, because at the moment people don't want to run anything that doesn't drop stuff they need and I think that's a shame because there are so many interesting raids available to us

While you're at it, possibly address the bug that allows some but not all players (such as myself) to receive UO rewards even without contributing to the progress bar. The hope is to give players a reason to actually contribute and for stronger players to party up with new players who can't solo UOs to increase player interaction and party play
I'm always a fan of diversifying the content; there's a lot of solid battles that aren't played anymore because they're no longer relevant.

What I think is going to happen is that Easy will no longer count towards UO, Normal/Hard will count as 1x, and Hero will count as 3x.
For S2 raids, 80-90 will count as 1x, and other difficulties will no longer count.

I probably won't be doing anything with S1 right now because I have much bigger plans for it later on.

Not totally sure what causes that bug, but it doesn't seem like a major issue. In retail any person who even participates once will receive rewards from that boss; surely that's not too much to ask for?