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Full Version: Lann's former glory Glides
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Hello everyone,

I would like suggest to have Lann being able to glide without the need to crit a smash. Lann used to be this way in the older XE versions. Without this he will mostly start to be fun when he already reached his full potential and until then he is painful for a lot of players. Especially when the crit resistance of bosses increase as you go. 
Me personally and a lot of people i know would love to experience the good old Lann without the RNG Glides. Is this possible to achieve?
If your worries could be that he might be too powerful then just please consider we once already had Lann this way and it worked perfectly fine. A lot of players enjoyed him this way.  And for those still in worry, i would suggest testing this and if he indeed is too powerful, nerve his dmg output in total. i can guarantee for more players coming to this server and embracing Lann the way he used to be- for this is the way he should be played in my opinion.

Let us please revive and embrace the Lann nation!

[Image: d6v06u0-539ce503-5409-4c76-8710-839d259c...zb0by2zSCw]
I'm in for guaranteed glides even if they would need a nerf to their damage. It's not too fun playing a slot machine for an essential skill like glide; Wind rider buff works for some attacks but without being close to 65% crit cap it's more difficult for sword lann to do much else.
As an lann player went through old XE version to up-to-date premiere version,  i know sword lanns were able to glide without critical hit landing on monsters and spear lanns were not allowed to glide in old XE.

This server is based on an XE version which was set for that patch which deleted XE version and replaced all XE version with premiere version, so spear lanns in this XE version can glide too, but lanns can only glide after critical hit landing.

What Nexon did to improve lanns gaming experience was letting them glide by spending SP when no critical hit lands, but i think it's not going to be possible here(well, it'd be great if possible), so i think a better way to change lanns' situation here is to unlock "Critical break" skill's level, which makes Risky wind and Fury infusion more useful, and let them glide more freely than now
Lann should just be able to do reasonable damage throughout the gaming experience from lv 1 to lv 100 like what feels like all other character can do. It is just painful to watch Nexon do all these mistakes regarding him, making him a dead class because even the highest of the geared Lanns are frustrated with RNG combat.
change from Lann to Hurk and you will get double as quick through the farming, questing even just moving.
You can literally tell how bad he is to play by looking for any Lanns on the main server or even here. There are barely any.

I feel like with Windictus you guys created a way to right Nexons mistakes and i really hope that if it is in your power to change the way he is i just hope you give it a shot. Because many people miss playing him and as i mentioned, they would absolutely come and check Windictus alone for the possiblity to have the old XE Lann.
So... am i getting a response any time soon? It is okay if you say no but at least a response would be not bad :/ I am waiting here....
I'm looking into it but it seems like it may be out of my control.
Something that may be possible is making it a SP skill with no cooldown though.
Anyways I'm still investigating. This is a new area to the server and to me, because as you can see there are no custom skill modifications yet.
I see! okay thank you for the reply and i hope you can find a way to at least increase the amount of glides a sword lann can have even if it is with this skill you mentioned Smile