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Full Version: outfit stats
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Can you standardize all outfits to give +2bal +150 att/matt +150 def cuz I'm literally KMSing because I'm 2balance short and I N E F F I C I E N T and a failure as human being all around
All outfits have been stripped of all stats.

The 3 outfits you mean (Iset, Keaghan and Succu Queen) have no stats when you aquire them. The stats shown in the shop are just a leftover we could not get rid of. So sorry to say you will remain 2 balance short. Try to infuse your gear with + bal or get better OJ's.

This has been done to ensure everyone can use any avatar without looking at its stats and or can combine multiple without loosing a bonus.
(08-23-2019, 12:42 AM)Scamazed Wrote: [ -> ]All outfits have been stripped of all stats.
I'll be removing the stats on any remaining outfits in a future update.
I must have missed some.