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Full Version: evil cores
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Is it possible to increase the chance of an evil core spawn or "finish" spawn from non-boss monsters?
Reason: Some non-boss monsters have unique drops, eg old arrowhead and bloody thorn. With our relatively small economy these items are extremely difficult to come by or just infuriatingly RNG dependent to farm. Since we already get 2 base extra core drops from bosses and free vip/luk increasing those core drops further, I think it would be fair to either increase the spawn rate of non-boss evil cores, or increase the amount of cores that spawn from "finish".

Since we still get only 1 evil core from "finish" and very rarely 2 I think it would be fair and would increase abundance of certain resources in the game for those who want to farm them.
This is a pretty good idea.
I'm not entirely sure if it's possible but I'll investigate Smile

Thank you for sharing!