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Full Version: What items do you want to see added?
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I know that currently there's a lot of items that can't be obtained right now, because they were event exclusive, or limited time only.

Post a reply to this thread, with a list of items that you want to see implemented, and I'll do my best to make them obtainable by some means!

For each item, please include a vindictusinn link to the item (

need pumpkins for halloween posting hereosdb because vindictusinn never works for me
- "Special Death Lady" set (Sadako / Ringu knock-off)
- Queen Iset's actual staff (if there is even such a weapon model for player use... seems weird if there isn't, given the outfit)
- "Dark Sorceress" set (added this past Halloween, I believe... at least, that's when I bought it)
- "Mai Shiranui" set (King of Fighter / Fatal Fury / SNK)
There are these new outfit on na/eu that looks so gud
I wish they could be added somehow Sad
Special Bunny Babe Outfit - NOTE: There are two different ones for whatever reason on this site, one is for DEF, the other is ATT or M ATT. Don't really care just want this for my Delia.
Hair band:!/item/21017/
Wrist Ornament:!/item/21024/
Heels: http: //!/item/21025/
Bunny Tail:!/item/21059/
Bunny Babe Inner Armor: (Not sure why it's for Miri only)!/item/28510/
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